STORY (An Exquisite Corpse Project)

The Completed Short:


This was the first of an annual Exquisite Corpse animation project, where in each participant gets a small portion of soundtrack to animate as loosely and as creatively as they see fit. Typography, motion graphics, abstract, 2d, 3d, paper – every style is welcome! Once everyone returns their portion, it is placed together for completed work. This type of animation allows a story to unfold organically, through many hands, with very little limitations. In the end an idea is made that could not have existed any other way.
Artful Raven Studio is a place to bring stories to life. So it made sense that the theme for this inaugural event was simply that- Story. We hope you liked watching as much as we enjoyed making.

The Narrative Poem can be found here.


Poem and Narration by Sophya Vidal

Music and Sound Design by David Wester

Project Artists (in order of work)

Hanna Viera

Robert LaCosse

Scott Hardman

Cristian Gurau

Vince Olano

Sophya Vidal

Ruth Pierich

Levi Schmidt

Tori Galiel

Doug Young

Nathaniel Hadley

Matt Nixon

Rachel Bradley

Ryan Aguilar

Gary Hogue

Alex Miller

Marilyn Zornado

Special Thanks to

My Mom, My Friends, ASIFA Portland, and The Brody Theater for all the love and support.