MLK Day 2016

I was asked to create projected backgrounds for a local MLK celebration this year. My favorite was a photo that I animated to screen behind a live reading of  Dr. Martin Luther King’s final sermon: “The Drum Major Instinct” .

I hadn’t heard of it before and trully fell in love with its message of living life for others and helping each other. So I decided to take an audio excerpt and create the following. Enjoy!




Storytime! Collaboration Adventure #1

In celebration of collaborative story, a tradition has begun here at Artful Raven – An Annual Exquisite Corpse Animation!

Basically it is a project where in each participant gets a small portion of soundtrack to animate as loosely and as creatively as they see fit. Once everyone returns their portion, It is placed together for completed work.

It’s free, loose, and oh so fun. The turnaround is about a month.  O.O

This year’s theme is Story. The Narration, the soundtrack and the artwork are all unique to this project. Illustrations , Animations, Motion Graphics, all Creative styles are all welcome.

Hand picked Invitations have gone out- replies are coming in slowly.

Let’s make something AWESOME.