NEW YEAR, NEW PROJECTS! Welcome to 2015.

One resolution of mine is to be more playful and share more of my work this year. As some of my favorite experiences have been making works with my community. I decided to combine the two, and I’m happy to announce a new monthly project! I hope you’ll join me

The Trigger Experiment is a monthly animation prompt series for 2015. The rules are simple:

1) If you wish to participate please send an email to
2) You must share at least 1 WIP post, be it FB, instagram, Twitter or Google +. Be sure to tag it with#TriggerExperiment2015
3) The final pieces are 4-8 seconds long and either .mov or .mp4 format sent to the email above (that’s it!)

Any animation medium, any style, teams or solo- it all works! Prompts are random, and announced here on the 1st of every month. They are due midnight the last day of the month.

You are welcome to do one, or all, or if you want to suggest a prompt feel free to! Any entries sent to me will be put together and shared (with full credits) here by the 15th of each month.

Use the prompts to play, experiment or hone a skill you need practice in. No stress, just freedom to play and share.


The January 2015 TRIGGER Experiment Prompt is: SPACE!

See you in a month!



Trigger Experiment- SPACE