Upcoming projects and goals for 2014

2014 has started off great- STORY has made it to the jurying portion of the Northwest Animation Festival (wish it luck!) and the foundation is being laid for 2 upcoming Artful Raven Shorts- “Bear’s Bear” and “Haunter”.

“Bear’s Bear” is a 3D animated comedy short that shares the risk of waking a Bear before he’s good an ready. Right now it’s in basic pre-production, but expect monthly updates as this is the piece that is being workshoped monthly here in PDX for review.

“Haunter” is our long standing Stop-motion short based on an HP Lovecraft story- and is the first larger scale production for this team. We are gearing up into the start of production and updates will be about once a month, with a little behind the scenes and some photos too. There is a future kickstarter in development as well, so keep an eye out for that!

I’m working to become more regular on posting, it’s definitely a habit I’ll be cultivating more as Artful Raven grows. I can’t wait to share the progress.

Onto 2014!